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IconThe Future of Work

Change has never happened so fast. For example, just five years ago, who would have believed that a house in China could now be built in five hours with a 3D printer and cost less than €4,000?

The world is changing at an incredibly rapid pace – and so is how we work and
the workplace itself.

Over the past decades, both industry and the economy have undergone sustained and systemic change. The adage of ‘8 hours work, 8 hours play, 8 hours rest’ applies less and less. The separation of work and life is increasingly blurred.

Our motivations for work have been similarly transformed. We now expect work to enrich us in more than one way. Amidst this rapid change, our understanding of the world of work must also change. What is work? Is it where we go, or is it what we do? Is it who we are, or who we work for?

Information and stories inside the report

  • The Future Brand
  • Future Talent
  • The Future Workplace
  • Technology in the Future
  • Key Findings and Recommendations

The Future of Work