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IconThe Future of Talent


If you are hiring well, you can hire exceptional, motivated and smart people in the top 10 or 20 percentile of their sector. If you get just this piece right, everything else becomes much easier, many other people issues fall away, and your company will be much more productive. For that reason alone, it is imperative that you make talent central to the agenda of your organisation.

However, a range of factors – including a falling birth rate, ageing population, the changing nature of the workforce, the changing nature of work itself, technological and social shifts – are making it increasingly diffi cult to fi nd and replace top talent. Companies that fail to change their approach to talent acquisition and management will suffer.

Information and stories inside the report

  • The Battle for Talent
  • What Kind of Talent Will Be Needed?
  • Why Diverse Talent Is Crucial
  • Finding the Talent
  • Why Good Companies Attract Talent
  • Making the Best of the Talent You Get

The Future of Talent