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IconCpl Employment Monitor 2018 Q3

The Cpl Employment Monitor is our quarterly report on the current state of the jobs market in Ireland. The Sentiment Survey was completed by 230 respondents in September 2018

In Q3 2018, there were 2,597 jobs posted across the following four sectors: IT & Telecoms; Science, Engineering & Supply Chain; Sales & Marketing; and Accountancy.

Some of the findings from this quarter’s Employment Market Monitor and a Whitepaper on The Gender Pay Gap show that fundamental changes to gender roles in the workplace and at home are very slow to change.

As a result, career progression is slowed as the burden of caring – whether for children or other dependents – falls to women.

Information and stories inside the 2018 report

  • Jobs posted in the third quarter in line with 2016 average
  • Report on annual growth in job postings
  • Employers see jobseekers power on the rise
  • Employer thoughts
  • The responsibility lies with employers to close Ireland’s gender gap
  • 49% of men still not taking their full paternity leave
  • Almost 60% of employees working outside of traditional hours
  • Harassment apparent in over half of workplaces

CPL Employment Monitor 2018 Q3