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IconSalary Guide 2019

2018 has been another strong year for the Irish economy. Unemployment has fallen yet again, with the unemployment rate now at its lowest level since February 2008.

According to the ESRI, GDP is expected to grow by 8.2 per cent in 2018, followed by 4.2 per cent growth in 2019, while unemployment is expected to fall even further in 2019.

Key trends include an increased demand for top level language skills, finance and technology professionals. While advancements in technology and AI have and will continue to impact our work, people will remain as always at the epicentre of business success.

What’s inside the Salary Guide

  • Salary figures for all sectors in Ireland & Northern Ireland
  • Employment market trends
  • Employment insights across 16 industries
  • What jobs are most in demand

Salary Guide 2019