Read Aoife Eakins Testimonials

“Aoife is a great recruiter; she has always been helping me and informing me of all the jobs which she could access. In addition, I could always speak with her in Spanish which has been very helpful. Thanks to her I found the job I am currently working on.”

Javier Oliva Cruz, Technical Support Analyst at DXC Technologies

Read Esther Hellin Sanchez Testimonials

“Esther oversaw my recruitment by Cpl. She did a great job of describing the position and helping me prepare for the interview, allowing me to face the interviewers with confidence and a good understanding of the opportunity. She is committed and thorough.”

 Candidate Malcolm Larour, Safety Policy Operations Associate (French speaker) 

Read Fatima Chavez Testimonials

Read Sukjeon An Testimonials

“It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Sue! She was dedicated to her tasks, very attentive to my needs and caring about my success. Sue had helped me in the Interview process and I got this job! Sue combines her incredible talent for positioning issues and supporting skills with an extraordinary sense of strategy and timing. I’m pleased to have worked with her. I am more than happy to recommend her as a very talented recruiter I have ever met. Thank you, Sue, you are the best.”

Maria Capsamun / Candidate

Read Mathilde Felber Testimonials

Mathilde was extremely helpful at every stage of the recruitment process. I was briefed and prepared via email and telephone before every phone interview and face-to-face interview, and thanks to Mathilde’s care and advice, I am happy to say I was hired for a fantastic job! Much respect and many thanks!

David, Candidate

Read Gabriel Mamaradlo Testimonials

“As a person moving from another country to find work in Dublin, I would like to thank and recommend Gabriel for the support throughout the whole process of finding a suitable vacancy, preparation for the interview and follow-up after the actual interview. He has been willing to answer all my queries and at the same time offer suggestions when necessary. I would recommend Gabriel without hesitation.”

Kris Abela

Community Operations Analyst onsite Social Media client

Read Boram Kim Testimonials

“Boram is one of the best recruiters I have ever spoken with. She is a very helpful, professional and reliable person who easily empathises with others. All the support concerning relocation I received during the recruitment process was priceless. She is the best contact to start your adventure with working abroad.”

Justyna Marciniec, IT Purchasing Coordinator at ResMed

“Boram contacted me regarding a sales position in a big company. Throughout the hiring process, she was always professional and helped me feel confident and prepared before the interviews. I could not have asked for more when it comes to preparation going into the interviews. She is a very attentive recruiter and I give her my warmest recommendations to anyone considering her in a process of hiring.”

Michael Pogoda, Account Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Read Dali Lee Testimonials

“Having dealt with lots of recruiters over the years, I can honestly say that Dali is one of the best.

From initial contact to finish, she is extremely helpful by devoting as much time as you need, preparation tips and compassion. You are never left in the dark and, throughout the whole interview process, she keeps the dialogue open and transparent.

What many struggle with, Dali makes easy, and I wish other recruiters could be as pleasant to work with as her.”


Arman Nijadiyan

Business Development Specialist at Guaranteed Rate

“Dali was without a doubt the best recruiter I have encountered throughout my job search.

She presented me with roles that matched my skills and interests, and was always quick to respond to queries I had about roles.

Her communication skills are excellent, she was quick to respond to any e-mails or phone calls and did her very best to keep me informed during the recruitment process.

Throughout the entire recruitment process it was clear that Dali was very passionate about her work, and that she was genuinely concerned about me finding roles that were the right fit.

I would unreservedly recommend Dali, and I am very happy to have had the opportunity to work with her.”


Marwin Golombowski

Sales Development Representative – DACH Market at Salesforce

Read Andreas Peters Testimonials

“Andreas was very helpful throughout my hiring process. He was very professional, keeping me always posted and providing me with all necessary material and information. Furthermore, he was always available if I had any questions or when I needed clarifications. He is very polite and friendly; it was a pleasure working with him.”


Yanna Lamprou / candidate

Community Operations Analyst / CPL

Read Stephen Molloy Testimonials

Stephen is one of the best recruiters I have worked with. Throughout my whole employment and when I began looking for new opportunities he was supportive, responded quickly and demonstrated a positive and solution-focused attitude. Stephen is the recruiter who has your back, who cares beyond the initial placement of a candidate and who you can rely on. I am genuinely grateful for all his support and can recommend him to anyone seeking new opportunities.

Kaya Krystal

Digital Skills Instructor at Skillsoft

Read Silvana Cuesta Carpio Testimonials

Silvana is highly driven and has showed me good interpersonal skills along my candidacy to GETTY IMAGES. She understood very well where I was in my career. I was also well asisted on the hiring process and could benefit of a good hand to prepare my interview. I was really pleased by her professionalism / collaboration and could already feel confident before the interview. I’m definitely recommending her services.
– Jerome Candy, Getty Images ,

Read Claudia Ciocca Testimonials

I am pleased to say I have had a long and successful business relationship with Claudia in her role recruitment manager at Cpl. At Getty Images we have a very particular type of candidate we look for. We need driven individuals with often 2 or more languages and we usually need them yesterday! Claudia has never let me down and although we use other agencies from time to time it’s Claudia who normally finds just the right person for us. She just gets what we look for and she makes it so easy to do business with her. I have no hesitation recommending Claudia to any other organization looking to use her services to recruit new staff.”


Paul McGovern,

Sales Manager, Getty Images

Claudia reached out to me while I was in another role and offered me a great opportunity to work in her team at Cpl. She really stands out from many recruiters in that she has a unique understanding of client requirements and really looks to match the right candidate to the company- rather than looking to make a quick placement. This has allowed her to build strong relationships with clients, though at the same time she is a tough negotiator- quickly gaining client respect and trust. A difficult role doesn’t put Claudia off but rather offers an exciting challenge. She played an extremely important role in my training, helping me find my feet in my first proper recruiter role, by being very supportive, creative in showing me how to find the right candidates as well as by letting me take responsibility and trusting my capabilities. She also taught me about candidate relationship building and mutual respect. I can truly recommend Claudia as a co-worker and a manager, as a person with plenty of positive energy, resilience and a true passion for recruitment.


Maria Oesterdhal

Senior Recruiter, Oracle (Denmark)