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The Cpl Engineering team is a team of specialist recruiters who have education, and work experience, in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies.

Our recruiters have over 15 years of recruitment experience in the engineering sector and have been working with many of our clients for a long time. We understand their needs which means we’ll be able to help you find an engineering role that suits you and your skills.

Areas of expertise include process, validation, maintenance and operations. If you don't find the engineering job you're looking for here or want to find more about the Cpl Engineering team, please get in touch.

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“Cormac is an excellent recruiter. Using his exceptional expertise in recruiting, Cormac helped me obtain a role at Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals. Cormac guided me through the hiring process, providing beneficial information, was very supportive and was always available to contact. I would highly recommend Cormac to anyone looking for an effective recruiter” Cathal Kelly, V&V Engineer, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
I highly recommend Niamh. Niamh is an outstanding professional who knows how to recognise talents and link them to the most suitable roles, beyond that, Niamh is an amazing human being who has the sensibility and patience to understand others needs and work until the candidate feels confident enough to succeed. I got an incredible job as a product engineer and Niamh was essential to the process.  Etienne Gerbaldo, Quality Control Specialist
I would highly recommend Niamh as a recruitment consultant. She was very helpful in finding me a role in the industry I wished to work in. She is very friendly and approachable and went above and beyond for me throughout the recruitment process. Niamh kept in constant contact and kept me informed throughout each step of the recruitment process for my current position. She helped to prep me for the interviews and other aspects of the process. The prep work was very h...
Niamh is definitely my go to recruitment person for when I was looking for a change of job in the past and will be in the future. She is on top of her game.  Michael Slattery, Process Technician at Boston Scientific
Niamh was very professional and still kind, helpful and full of energy since the first talk. She offered me several good positions and one then happened to work like a charm for me. I can’t think how a recruiter could be better than Niamh, Thank you for helping me get this position and for being so kind. Anderson Vedoveto Martins. Senior Electronic Engineer
Niamh helped me with the job hunt. She gave me great advice and tips every step of the way. She told me what I needed to improve and she helped me find my words. I would recommend her 100%. She is kind, warm-hearted, and strong. I was very lucky to have Niamh in my corner. Niall Tuohy, Candidate 
I really enjoyed working with Niamh, she gave me great guidance and a solid footing in the quagmire of job hunting. Ciaran Murphy, Candidate 
Niamh is both professional and friendly and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Niamh was recommended to me and I have no hesitation recommending Niamh to anyone either hiring or looking for new opportunities. Jim Geraghty, Candidate    
Thanks to Niamh, I have just secured a fantastic job. This was only possible because of Niamh’s dedication and commitment with late evening phone calls to discuss the type of roles I was interested in, what my weaknesses were and interview preparation. Niamh advised me on restructuring my CV so my achievements were highlighted to potential employers as well as making me aware of job opportunities that were suited to my work experience and qualifications. Her level o...
Niamh was invaluable in helping me find a position. She provided a lot of good background information on the people and companies that I would be speaking with, and she also had good interview preparation advice. After our initial conversation, I had an offer within just a couple of weeks! Niamh really seems to care about the job seekers she is working with and works hard to find the right fit for each person. Chelseay Reynolds, Candidate     
I highly recommend Niamh as an engineering recruiter. She has the expertise and knowledge to understand what skills and experience I have and to set me on a new and exciting carrier path. Niamh spent the time with me to see what job opportunities best suited me and she also guided me through interview techniques. She one of the few recruiters that listens to candidates and understands what roles are best suited for them and their potential employer. Cathal Meehan, C...
“Christina, once again thanks for all your support – it was a very pleasant experience to be guided by you in this process. You have given me great advice for interview and resolved all my doubts and questions very quickly. Professional and complex approach to the candidate plus making sure that both sides would be satisfied  – I couldn’t expect more.” Denis Mortiez, Civil Engineer 
Christina possesses a strong knowledge of the engineering sector with a good network of qualified individuals across a range of job disciplines. She is efficient and provides exceptional service. Christina is engaging, approachable, helpful and demonstrates passion in her work. I appreciate her quick response, efficiency and prompt follow-up to my requests. Some of the skills we needed to hire were hard to come by but Christina kept on proactively hunting for suitab...
Christina was tasked with finding an experienced Maintenance Technician, ideally with Mechanical and Electrical experience. These individuals are as rare as unicorns so it was always going to be a significant challenge. From my first interaction with Christina, she was prompt, courteous, helpful and professional and made the process of getting everything set up very easy for me. She kept in very regular contact and visited us as well to ensure she had a thorough und...

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