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The dedicated Cpl Languages team work closely with: European, Arabic, Turkish and Asian clients of all sizes to match candidates who speak a second language with the right job opportunities. Our team is made up of a variety of international recruiters who know the industry and speak a variety of languages.These strong international relationships allow us to work across all industries, not limited to: Customer support, Technology, Financial, Online, Social media, Digital Sales, Advertising, Design & marketing, Contact Centre and Shared services.If you don't find the job you're looking for here or want to find more about the Cpl Languages team, please get in touch.
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“Andreas was very helpful throughout my hiring process. He was very professional, keeping me always posted and providing me with all necessary material and information. Furthermore, he was always available if I had any questions or when I needed clarifications. He is very polite and friendly; it was a pleasure working with him.”   Yanna Lamprou / candidate Community Operations Analyst / CPL
Silvana is highly driven and has showed me good interpersonal skills along my candidacy to GETTY IMAGES. She understood very well where I was in my career. I was also well asisted on the hiring process and could benefit of a good hand to prepare my interview. I was really pleased by her professionalism / collaboration and could already feel confident before the interview. I’m definitely recommending her services. – Jerome Candy, Getty Images ,

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