Warehouse and Sampling Technician

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Job Description

Warehouse & Shipping Technician 

Pfizer Grange Castle 

Multiple roles open! 

Position Objective: 
1. Assure supply of material to agreed schedule to Manufacturing. 
2. Receipt of raw material / Intermediates/ Components to agreed schedule. 
3. Shipment of materials to planned schedule – Finished Product, Samples, Miscellaneous 
4. Demonstrate excellence in electronic systems – Standard Work, QTS, MES, LIMS, PDocs 
5. Demonstrate excellence in operational processes. 
6. Training in OJTs & SOPs for new staff. 
7. Contribute to the overall effectiveness of the SC team & department. 

Position Scope: 

• SAP Receiving Processes 
• Material Storage Processes 
• Material Picking processes. 
• On-site materials distribution and line support. 
• Material Packing Processes 
• Shipping Processes – Samples / Miscellaneous / Product 

• Warehouse Facility 
o Cold Rooms 
o Ambient Warehouse 
o Drum Stores 
o Free Standing Freezer Rooms 
o Cell Bank Room 

Responsibilities - Business / General 
• Demonstrate compliance with Corporate & Government Regulatory requirements pertaining to facilities & processes 
• Maintain physical security and cleanliness of all Warehouse facilities. 
• Work in a safe manner and contribute to a pro-active safety program. 
• Maintain area audit ready 
• Capability demonstrated for all electronic systems – SAP / / LIMS / MES 
• Capability demonstrated for all equipment and processes 
• Recognized SME in specific areas of expertise. 
• Demonstrated very strong knowledge of relevant systems & processes and perform a basic level of troubleshooting with same. 
• Deputize for Level 3 Technician where required. 

• Material receipted and stored to standard operating procedures 
• Material picked for manufacturing to standard operating procedures 
• Actions executed with an RFT (Right First time Approach) 
• Visual Controls / metrics updated as defined. 
• Accurate and timely transaction of activities to support 99% cycle count accuracy 
• 100% alignment between system inventory and physical inventory. 
• 100% availability of material to agreed schedule with Mfg. 
• Initiate CI’s and process improvements in your work area. 
• Actively seek opportunities to reduce costs and increase competitiveness 
• Action expedite process orders / materials as required 

• SOPS & Logbooks reviewed and updated as required 

People / Values 
• Demonstrate the GC OWNIT values. 
• Adhere to all HR Policies as appropriate 
• Personal Development plans focus on the 70:20:10 guidelines 
• CI tools/- capability is a key building block for learning & development - Trained and M1 certified. 
• Proactive engagement with key stakeholders. 
• Best practices developed and shared with other teams /sites. 
• Best practices actively sought and copied. 
• Proactive & effective communication within and across shifts

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