Senior Automation Testing Engineers

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Job Description

CPL, in conjunction with a leading Fintech firm located in Munster, are seeking senior automation testing engineers to join their expanding team.

Our client is currently looking at expanding their technology centre and are seeking people who want to work on core product for deployment on a global scale.

Software Development Engineers in Test (SDET’s) are a special breed of quality fanatics who use their toolbox of technical talent to automate and scale their testing efforts. When faced with any task, their first reaction is to find an engineering solution. Married to this is a deep knowledge of quality, understanding the test coverage requirements and going beyond them. SDET’s are held to the engineering standards of the developers and simultaneously the quality standards of dedicated QA staff ailability and overall system resilience are considered and maintained throughout. 

Primary Objectives

  •  Develop test automation plan by collaborating with the manual testing team using XRAY (jira). 
  • Work on other non-functional quality attributes, like performance, reliability, and security
  • Develop automated tests with the appropriate technologies such as open source test automation frameworks – Serenity, RestAssured, Selenium as well as commercial solutions – GenRocket for test data generation. SDET’s will spend most of the time automating test scenarios for Product under test
  • Translates functional requirements into the test automation requirements and then into the automated test scripts. Automated scripts are written in robust, scalable, and high quality open-source test automation frameworks and provide coverage for functional and regression testing
  • Executes tests (manually, automated scripts), schedules test execution runs and reports on their results
  • Provide the team and all stakeholders with clear and real-time updates regarding test status, bug status, and overall quality about the product by monitoring failures, reporting bugs, analysing & triaging automated tests running in the continuous Integration system
  • Work in parallel with the development team on testing and automating tests in the sprints


Job Requirements 

  • A minimum of 4+ years of experience in writing reliable and maintainable automated tests
  • An eagle-eye for test coverage gaps, false positives or negatives and proficiency in black box, functional and user flow testing techniques
  • Experience working in Agile / SCRUM delivery methodology
  • The ability to write and understand code - preferably in Java and JavaScript for the test automation frameworks
  • Experience with software development tools (IDE, debugger, git, JIRA, Jenkins, etc)
  • Professional-level programming skills (regex processing, class design, Map data structure, etc.), particularly in Java and/or JavaScript
  • Novice-level shell scripting skills (commands like grep, cut, sed, sort, wget, etc.)
  • Knowledge of Serenity BDD test framework, (Cucumber, Selenium, RestAssured)
  • Familiarity with Behaviour Driven Development approach and Gherkin language
  • Familiarity with JSON objects, SQL queries, data structures, log file analysis, etc
  • Familiarity with Swagger and Open API Specifications
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Cormac O'Brien

  • Salary:Negotiable
  • Location:Nenagh
  • Type:Permanent
  • Category:Technology & IT