Sampling and Dispensing Technician

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Job Description

Position Objective:


  1. Assure supply of dispensed material to agreed schedule.
  2. Sampling of raw material batches to agreed schedule.
  3. Demonstrate excellence in electronic systems – Standard Work, SAP, MES, LIMS, PDocs
  4. Demonstrate excellence in operational processes.
  5. Training in OJTs & SOPs for new staff.
  6. Contribute to the overall effectiveness of the SC team & department.


Position Scope:



  • Material Sampling Processes
  • Central Weigh & Dispense Processes.
  • On-site materials distribution and line support.



  • Raw Material Dispensary
  • Raw Material Sampling Area
  • Liquid Dispensary Area
  • Warehouse Segregated Dispensing Area
  • Kitting Room
  • Drum Stores



Responsibilities - Business / General

  • Demonstrate compliance with Corporate & Government Regulatory requirements pertaining to facilities & processes
  • Maintain physical security and cleanliness of all Sampling & Dispensing facilities.
  • Work in a safe manner and contribute to a pro-active safety program.
  • Initiate CI’s and process improvements in your work area.
  • Actively seek opportunities to reduce costs and increase competitiveness– RFT, Consumable spend, Scheduling and Vendor opportunities
  • Maintain area audit ready
  • Capability demonstrated for all electronic systems – SAP / MES / LIMS
  • Capability demonstrated for all equipment and processes
  • Recognized SME in specific areas of expertise.
  • Demonstrated very strong knowledge of relevant systems & processes, and perform a basic level of troubleshooting with same.
  • Deputize for Level 3 Technician where required.



  • Material sampled  to Standard Operating Procedures
  • Material dispensed to Standard Operating Procedures
  • Actions executed with an RFT (Right First time Approach)
  • Timely & accurate transaction of activities to support 99% cycle count accuracy.
  • Provision of data supporting KPIs.
  • 100% availability of dispensed material to agreed schedule with Mfg.
  • Action expedited process orders / materials as required.




  • SOPS & Logbooks reviewed and updated as required


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Thomas Nascimento

Talent Partner 085 871 4051
  • Salary:Negotiable
  • Location:West Dublin
  • Type:Temporary
  • Category:Engineering