Pfizer Cork Job Listings

The role of the two Cork API sites is to be the critical global launch sites for manufacture of all new small molecule products for Pfizer, as well as be a key manufacture of both patented protected and non-patented medicines. Cork API has a very strong and proud tradition for technical development and innovation and is the center of expertise in several fields, e.g., new product introduction, route selection, scale-up development and transfer to other Pfizer Global Manufacturing facilities as well as process and technology improvement.

Pfizer Cork API provides an excellent career pathway in pharma and a very strong proven record of developing talent. As part of the value proposition in working with Pfizer Cork API, a comprehensive technical training program is delivered, bespoke to each role.  Also a particular unique focus is given to development in people skills in areas such as personal effectiveness, collaboration, emotional intelligence and team work (direct and cross functional).

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