Starting a new job is exciting but also daunting. Trying to retain everything from the get go is virtually impossible but remembering certain details will help you start on the right foot and remove you from that “newbie” category a little quicker.

If you want to make a good first impression and settle into a new role fast, follow these simple tips and tricks.

Learn some crucial first names

Once you figure out the key colleagues who you are going to be working with or needing support from, it’s crucial that you remember their names.

This will help you build relationships and will be useful when you need a dig out from ‘John’ in Accounts or ‘Emma’ in HR further down the line.

Also, make sure you are familiar with the names and faces of the leadership team. The last thing you want is to ask the CEO for their name in your first week.

Learn the office lingo

Every company has its own way of referring to certain things which can be a little confusing for new recruits. In our office, “the Hub” is our internal chat platform so we get a lot of, “Didn’t you see it on the Hub?”

Trying to work out this terminology early on will help you feel less lost in conversations with your colleagues.

How to book a meeting room

While it might seem basic, some companies have quite complex systems for booking meeting rooms. Figure this out early on and find out what the best meeting rooms are.

Also, share your calendar with your team and ask them to do it in return so you know their availability and vice versa.

If you’re working in a smaller office with no booking system, ask your colleagues advice on where meetings are held and how to reserve a time slot.

What the expectations are of you

Remember to ask from the offset what the expectations are of your work. Clarify any policies you’re unsure of, such as flexibility or annual leave protocol, and the basics such as how you are expected to report on your output.

You should also ask your manager how they’d prefer you to communicate. Does she/he prefer you to swing by their desk with any questions or do they want you to email so they can respond in their own time?

It’s little things like this that will help you avoid any awkward conversations down the line and help you settle into your job fast.

What’s the norm with lunch?

Every office kitchen has certain etiquette people are expected to follow. Is there a certain time you are expected to lunch? Is the milk in the fridge free for taking? Is there a microwave system?

Become aware of these norms as early as possible so you don’t become ‘that person’ in the canteen.

If you’re going out for lunch, find out where the popular spots are so you don’t end up going to the café that has health and safety issues.

Actively trying to remember these little details will help you start off on the right foot and integrate you into your new office culture smoothly. The first few weeks are the time to get acquainted with these details when you have the time to dedicate to less important tasks!

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