After working within a Local Authority in the Public Sector for over 12 years I finally began to accept that I wasn’t happy and it was time to quit. My job had become monotonous, it was the height of the recession, morale was low in the office and getting worse. I needed a change. Something to excite me and make we want to come to work in the morning.

I faced a lot of questions, should I leave the Public sector? It was a risk and there was a lot to consider. I was on a good salary, I’d worked hard to get there, flexi time, job security etc. I had no idea how things worked in the Private sector or if my qualifications were even transferrable. I weighed up the pros and cons and although the list of cons was long, ultimately, I knew I wasn’t happy.

Leaving the Public Sector

The question weighed on me for a while then suddenly the Local authority began offering voluntary redundancies. I took this as a sign and although everyone thought I was crazy I decided to take it. The day I signed the papers I felt a huge weight lift and knew I’d made the right decision. The next question was, what was I going to do now? Irresponsible I know but I was happy!

At the time a lot of people were trying their luck in Canada, so after a lot of research I decided that this would be my next move. It was the best thing I could have done, as it was here that I was introduced to the world of Recruitment.

Making the move into the Private Sector

In Canada I visited a lot of agencies and made a lot of friends in recruitment but I still ended up working in a regular office setting. My sister and I built a good relationship with a Director in a recruitment agency and my sister ended up working there. I watched her grow in the role and became increasingly curious. There were highs and lows of course but the excitement of her days and the competitiveness intrigued me.

One evening we were out with her Director and in passing she asked if Id like to try it. I loved my job, the people were amazing but I still didn’t get the rush I was looking for. I decided to give it a go, but then unfortunately things changed in Canada and we had to come home.

This wasn’t going to stop me, and when I came home I began looking into Recruitment. My sister got a job quickly and was convinced that I could too. I wasn’t convinced the agency was a good fit and I decided to hold off. Then a mutual friend introduced me to Cpl. She loved it and was sure that I would too.

She arranged an interview and the minute I walked into the office I knew I wasn’t leaving until I’d gotten a job. I loved the energy and the buzz immediately. I met with 3 members of Office Support that day and luckily, I convinced them I was right for the job. I am now 6 months in Cpl and I haven’t looked back.

Like anything it has its challenges but the risk was definitely worth taking and it was taking it that led me here.

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