So, why take the plunge and join a startup over a well known name?

Recently, I have noticed that candidates are more reluctant to join a start up in the current economy. Startups used to be the destination of choice because they create a fun, innovative and exciting environment to work in. However, recent IT candidates tend to lean towards a corporate role with high salary and nice benefit, in other words, the safe/smart choice… Or is it?
It made me think, why take the plunge and join a startup over a well known name?

1. You’ll have more responsibility

Working at a startup means you’re part of a small team. The nature of having such a small team means there is probably nobody else in the company who has the same skillset as you. This makes you the “Go to” person in your area and is an empowering position to be in.

2. You’ll be given more opportunities/ responsibilities

Working at a startup offers a different type of reward: an incentive-based system that is based on skills attained and opportunities seized, rather than euros. This experience will outweigh the pay cut you may have to take. It’s an opportunity to try on a lot of different hats, even that weird one that you didn’t think you would ever like, but find out that you did.

3. You will learn from true innovators. 

Entrepreneurs have a unique mental and professional makeup and due to their innovative nature, they are some of the best people to learn from. They approach problems differently, are constantly finding solutions, and are driven to make the most out of their time and work.

4. Your work will be recognized.

In a small startup, it’s nearly impossible not to notice a job well done. If you succeed, the team will recognize it instantly. Working at a startup and spreading the news of your team’s product, a product that you helped bring into existence, instils the value of that ownership and gives you pride in your work – You are responsible for your own success.

5. You’ll work in a great environment.

The Entrepreneurial/Creative approach to work is infectious. In a startup, employees often develop bonds with that go far beyond the work arena. When you work closely on something brand new, people become your friends, they become your family. You depend on these people every day and startup environments often take a unique approach to team building. Many even allow you to enjoy drinks in the office (on special occasions of course).
Startups offer great opportunities for advancement and growth. If corporates are the safe/smart choice then startups represent the brave/exciting one. Which road you choose to follow will depend on what you want from your career. The best advice I can give you is to do your research before jumping in with both feet. Ask questions of the owner, know the industry, and pursue your gut feeling.

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