Technology is changing quicker than ever. A notion reflected directly in the tech job market. In 2017 we saw the Irish technology sector diversify, with thanks to Dublin’s ever-growing technology and financial industries.

In 2018, as always, top Java, Python, C++ and NET software engineers will once again be in high demand, especially developers in SaaS/Cloud development.

Outside of these core skillsets we’re seeing a demand for professionals in many niche emerging technology jobs. These are the 3 top emerging technology jobs for 2018, and how much you can expect to get paid if you’re lucky to fit the job spec.

1. UX/UI Designers

Good UX is now considered vital to a successful product strategy, as a result there is a huge requirement in Dublin for UX/UI designers and information architects across both contract and permanent.

As User Experience Design is a relatively new field there is a shortage of talented UX/UI Designers, which means salaries are quite high. For contract work User Experience Designers and Interface Designers on average charge €300 – €400 per day, while a permanent UX or UI Designer generally earns in between €45,000 – €85,000 depending on experience.

2. Data Analytics Professionals

Data is king at the moment. We have seen a huge increase in the number of Data Analytics jobs and Data Science jobs in the last 12 months. While there has been a surge in requirements, there continues to be a skills gap in the market of experienced candidates particularly in the Data Science space.

Although this niche market has shown a huge move towards Advanced Analytics and Big Data roles, there is still a steady demand for traditional Database, Business Intelligence and Data Analyst positions. Depending on your years of experience, Big Data Developer wages range from €40,000 – €100,000, Data Engineers wages range from €35,000 – €90,000 and Database Developer wages range from €30,000 – €75,000.

3. Machine Learning & AI Engineers

New Machine Learning products and uses are exploding now, with complex algorithms being used across the board – from phone apps to personalised Netflix recommendations and your cars GPS.

As the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence industry is growing at a rapid rate both Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence professionals are highly sought after in Ireland. Machine Learning and AI Engineer professionals can expect to earn similar wage to that of Data workers, from €40,000 – €150,000.

Overall the biggest tech trends for 2018 are Software Engineers who specialise in Java, C#, C++ or Python, AI engineers, Data Analytics, Machine Learning Engineers and Big Data Engineers.

Are you a skilled IT worker looking for a new technology job opportunity?