Over the course of 2016 – 2017 our Temporary Office Support team have noticed an increase of over 17% of candidates placed in temp or contract roles, with the outlook for this summer and the rest of the year equally optimistic.

The increased demand for office support temp workers has meant an increase in salaries which is good news for anyone looking to get into temping. The variety of roles is also attractive, especially for anyone looking for a short-term summer job, or to gain experience in a new field. If you’re interested in starting a temp job these are the main temporary office support jobs available this summer and for the rest of 2018:

1. Junior Admin & PA jobs

On the temp side of things, junior admin type jobs are the most popular as experienced PA’s and Administrators tend to choose permanent positions. When choosing junior admins the company are often looking for a good culture fit rather than lots of experience, which is perfect for someone starting out or eager to try out a PA or Admin job.

2. Project Based Admin Jobs

Project based admin roles are time specific jobs that arise due to a business expanding or an excess of work created that doesn’t fall into any current employee’s role – for example event management or event co-ordination. These are often quite hands on jobs and are a great chance to get some in-depth experience in a new company.

3. Banking Temp Jobs

I have seen a lot of temporary roles in banking arise recently. The main reason for this is the length of time it can take to hire the right permanent banking employee. It’s a lengthy process to obtain approval for permanent roles, then the hiring process itself takes time so it’s much better for banking institutions to hire a temp employee while this is on-going.

If you’re interested in progressing to a perm banking job, temping is a great option as it gives you the opportunity to perform well and raise your chances of being kept on in the long-term role.

As well as the above, we have a variety of temp jobs in a range of sectors including; banking, IT, education and the Public Service. Starting off in a temp role can lead to a permanent opportunity in the same position or exposure to other positions within an organisation.

Temp work is an excellent opportunity for Graduates to test the water and see what type of environment and company they wish to work for. Especially for any students finishing up university for the summer months. It’s also a good opportunity for international students travelling to Ireland on a temporary visa to see how the office environment works in Ireland while developing their international experience and expanding their CV’s.

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