Temporary work, or agency work, is generally categorised as short-term Interim opportunities that is for a specific purpose and organised through an agency. Your wages are processed by the job agency and you are offered various opportunities in different companies based on your skill set and availability. Temp work is particularly common in the administration and office support industry and has a wealth of benefits other than flexibility.

A foot in the door

Temping for a job agency gives workers a foot in the door within major organisations. If you are looking to break into competitive industries then a temporary role can act as a foot in the door or a try before you buy opportunity. A job is 85% of a person’s week so you want to make sure you make the right choice!

Exposure to different industries

Temping is a fantastic opportunity to see different company cultures and allows you to see what you prefer as an employee – without any major contract commitments.

Learn new skills

On the job experience through temporary jobs is the best way to gain new skills for a new line of work. Temping allows you to enter a company and under the guidance of the client, further enhance your skill set.

Gain experience

Experience is what will draw employers to your CV. Temping gives you the opportunity to build your CV and if you have temped with respected companies you’ll find it makes your CV more impressive to prospective employers.

You are still protected

It is important to remember that as a temporary agency worker you are still protected. Under the Temporary Agency Work Act you are entitled to holiday allowance and regulated pay. You are also given the same quality of working conditions as your permanent colleagues.

Transition into permanent employment

Temping gives workers the opportunity to go into an organisation and make themselves indispensable. Often, a temporary position can transition into a permanent role.

Temporary work offers the opportunity to try various new roles, enhance your CV and work flexible hours while retaining the same benefits as permanent workers – not to mention it’s an easy form of work to get into.

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