I graduated from DIT with a BA in Digital Media with Business Management and attended University of Applied Science Munich where I studied Business Administration. After graduating, I began work experience within the administration department of a Marketing and Communications organisation.

How I got into the Recruitment industry

I was interested in getting into the HR industry since college. My final year dissertation was based on gaining competitive advantage in the market through attracting and retaining top talent, which I enjoyed and realised that this was the industry I wanted to start my career in.

After my work experience, I joined Cpl in November 2016. I got an in-depth knowledge into the recruitment industry and Cpl itself, what Cpl can offer to both candidates and clients in terms of finding the best candidates for the job and assisting candidates by matching them to positions suited to their skills and knowledge.

Originally, I started off on the Finance & Banking team, recruiting for Permanent and long-term Contract positions. This was challenging, but a very rewarding industry to work on. The skills and knowledge I gained from working on this team are invaluable and I was very fortunate to have an excellent manager to support me.

I absolutely loved working in Cpl, made great friends and had a highly knowledgeable management team to support me, but after a year and a half, I decided it was time for me to explore different avenues.

Switching roles internally

My current manager, Lauren Redmond; Manager of the Office Support team, approached me and we discussed the possibility of an internal move to the Office Support team on temporary and contract positions.

Temporary and Contract Recruitment is extremely fast paced. It involves meeting lots of candidates from diverse backgrounds and work experience, with a quick turnover from a client calling in a role to placement.  I really enjoy being kept busy and the sense of urgency surrounding temporary/contract placements really suits my personality so the internal move was a perfect fit.

Temporary/contract positions within Office Support

Whether you are considering an internal move or just unsure of what to do next a temp job can be an excellent stepping stone. From my experience, recent graduates and experienced professionals are often hesitant to consider short term/contract positions, but there are great advantages.

Recent Graduates

Graduates have expressed their frustration with the difficulties they face trying to secure full-time employment within their area of study. Due to the urgency of our industry, we can assist you in finding employment almost immediately, giving you the chance to get your foot in the door, working hard, proving your worth and being given the opportunity to progress.

Temporary/contract job opportunities allow you to ‘try it out’ before committing to a long-term job opportunity that you may quickly come to realise was not what you originally thought it to be! It also provides you with the chance to get used to an office environment (and possibly do a bit of travelling in between without the fear of leaving a permanent position!)

If you have strong administrative skills, then we can more than likely assist you in seeking employment very quickly.

Experienced professionals –  change industries without the fear of making a mistake

On the contrary, if you are an experienced professional, the thought of changing industries can be daunting, especially if you have been working in the same role for a long time.

With Permanent positions, a lot of employers are also hesitant to employ professionals outside of the industry they are within – in particular with permanent and long-term contract positions; however I found within Office Support this does not seem to be the case (particularly if you are strong in the area of administration and/or front office)

If you are interested in exploring job opportunities within office support, or are simply looking for a market overview, get in touch.

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