In recent years Ireland, and Dublin in particular, has become more diverse than ever. The variety of companies here is broadening and so too are the languages that employees in Ireland speak.

During the last decade Ireland has become one of the most important hubs of technology innovation in Europe. In Dublin’s Silicon Docks or in the Galway Bay, many global multinational companies are setting up shop in Ireland – from Facebook and Google to Airbnb and online retailer Wish. These huge companies are not only targeting the local market, but establishing operations to engage with the entire continent.

The top 5 languages that will get you hired

Globally English is the world’s most popular language, followed by Mandarin and French. Yet here in Ireland the most popular language candidates for 2017/2018 are those who can speak:

  1. German
  2. Dutch
  3. Swedish
  4. Norwegian
  5. Danish

To support the global market, the number of jobs in Ireland that require people who can speak more these languages are on the rise – with great opportunities across almost every sector. As a result multilingual professionals are relocating to Ireland from all over the world.  The demand for people with these language skills is largely thanks to strong German and Scandinavian economies.

Cpl Language Jobs Team specialise in sourcing and engaging with high calibre talents willing to develop their career in Ireland – whether you’d like to work with a growing start-up or one of the major names in the IT industry.

At the moment, we have over 150 roles across media, customer service, on-line operation and sales from many leading IT giants. Our clients are industry pioneers and IT leaders within their own specialised areas.

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