Thinking of coming home but concerned about getting a job in construction?

Okay so after the construction sector imploded you were forced to emigrate and now you’re planning on coming home for Christmas. You’ve heard the rumours that the boom is back and you’re toying with the idea of making the move a permanent one. However, once bitten, you want to make sure it’s the right move so you have to make some serious considerations.… 

Who’s hiring?

The construction employment market has gone through a seismic shift in the last 12 months. There is a skill shortage across the sector which is set to be amplified by the expected €5bn increase in projects scheduled for 2016. Building services engineers, architects, civil engineers, structural engineers and quantity surveyors are thin on the ground. However we are also seeing a spike in demand for skilled tradesmen and with the amount of residential developments due to kick off next year this should continue. Everybody is hiring and these skills shortages are your opportunity! 

Where are the Jobs

As expected Dublin has led the charge in terms of recovery however the rest of the country is following suit. There are a number of large pharma, data centre, and residential projects kicking off in Galway, Cork, and Limerick. Hopefully we should see the effects of the recovery spread nationwide over the next 18 months.


We have seen salaries increase across the board particularly in construction with project management, building services engineering and quantity surveying setting the trend. Rates are considerably higher on the contracting side but consultancies are beginning to following suit. Remuneration may not be in line with London or Sydney but Dublin is comparatively cheaper to live in. Now is the perfect time to get in with a company, prove your worth, and position yourself so that you are around to enjoy the benefits of the upturn.

Cost of Living

There’s no denying that Dublin is one of the most expensive European cities to live in. But salaries are increasing and this year’s tax cuts look to be followed by more next October. A cap on rents should also ease the pressure on those seeking out rental accommodation. These trends should afford you more disposable income to reconnect with your college pals!


Rental accommodation is not easy to find in Dublin but it is possible. You might have to move home temporarily but you’re probably due some downtime with your family. Get ahead of the curve and start looking now, once you tap into your network you’d be surprised how many options could pop up.

Regulatory changes

The regulatory landscape has also changed and while the New Building Control Regulations may, at a glance, look like more red tape. These amendments have created new roles like the ‘Assigned Certifier’ and in the long term they should ensure that the construction sector operates to a higher standard. Educating yourself on these changes isn’t hard as all of the information is readily available online.

So the outlook is bright, there is an abundance of opportunities in the Irish construction sector, and this positive trend looks set to continue. Not to mention, Dublin is also way cooler than it was few years ago. There is a massive selection of restaurants, bars and festivals to choose from and the list continues to grow.
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