If you’ve been out of work for a while, or have been in the same job for too long, it can feel like you’ll never find a new job.

The longer you’ve been searching for a job, the more likely you are to alter your job search criteria. Jobs you would have ignored in the past suddenly become more appealing, and you find yourself sending off more applications than before. As the need to find a new role increases, you could find yourself applying for every role that sounds vaguely attractive.

That could be a big mistake, for a variety of reasons.

Just sending CVs may not be enough to secure the job you want

When you make applications in high volumes, you don’t have time to do anything other than send applications. As we discussed last week on the blog, securing your dream job may require a different approach than just firing off a CV and cover letter by email. If you just that process over and over, you may be wasting your time.

It breeds bad habits

That high volume style of application also encourages some of the worst jobseeker habits. The more applications you send, the more likely you’ll use stock cover letters and stock CVs that don’t give employers specific reasons to hire you.

You can’t actually do all of these jobs

The simple fact is, you can only do one job. Your application will be ever stronger if you choose a single job and put the work into that application. Employers want to hire the person who wants the job and wants to succeed more than anyone else. It’s impossible to be that person without focussing your efforts on getting that role.

‘Which job?’

Most people who have applied for multiple roles in the past will recognise this situation. You receive a screening call for a role you’ve applied for and just as you start to get excited you realise that you have no idea who the company is or what exactly the role entails. You have sent so many applications that you haven’t done any research and can’t be specific with any of your answers. Anyone who’s been on one of those calls will know that they rarely end successfully.

You might get one of them

The biggest danger with high volume applications is that you might actually get one of those roles, only to discover that you didn’t really want it in the first place. You knew it was a stretch when you applied but you needed a job at the time, so you went for it. Now it’s too late to fix, and you’re right back where you started.

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