While many of us believe that they are plotting our ultimate demise, there are plenty upsides to having robots around. From making arrests through facial recognition to caring for the elderly, Artificial Intelligence has and will provide many benefits to humans.


1. Care for the elderly

The Japanese industrial automation company AIST has created PARO, a robotic baby seal, covered with fur, which acts like a real pet. It is being used to help tackle loneliness in nursing homes where pets are not allowed.

Similar to PARO, Robear is a high-tech teddy with a mission to care and enough strength to lift a person off the ground. The cuteness of these ‘carers’ will stop people looking at robots as cold and mechanical but as something that can have a powerful impact on people’s lives.

2. Provide education support

VGo the robot ensures that Christian, a 12-year-old with Leukaemia, can still get an education. VGo sits in the front row of Christian’s class in Texas, with a network-enabled video camera that allows Christian to sit at home and see and hear on his laptop what is going on. When Christian answers questions, the answers are relayed through VGo’s speakers.

Similarly, Leka, is a mini robot which helps children diagnosed with autism or other development disabilities to better learn and relate to others. Leka’s main purpose is to play a range of educational games with the child, employing colourful LEDs and music, to support the help of healthcare professionals.

3. Catch criminals

The first arrest using facial recognition was made in South Wales in 2017. Facial recognition works by analysing the characteristics of a person’s face, including the distances between eyes, nose, mouth, etc. These measurements are kept in a database and used to compare with other images to find a match.

Keeping our streets safe isn’t the only application of facial recognition. Airports now use facial recognition at passport control, while visual recognition software is being developed to diagnose early signs of degenerative eye diseases.

4. Find you the perfect career

Our own colleague Aidan Keenan is working on an app with Salesforce that employs machine learning to help predict when candidates would be the right fit for different job vacancies available.

This not only benefits recruiters but also clients and candidates, as it increases their response rate and ability to find the right people for the right role.

5. Serve you dinner with a smile

As part of its new CLOi range of robots, LG has created three friendly faced bots that will serve you in a multitude of ways. From the serving bot that will act as your waiter in hotels and airports to the shopping bot that will act as your personal shopper, carrying your items and calculating the total spend, LG is opening up the robot butler market!

6. Bring music to your ears

Fancy listening to the sweet melodies of a robot composer? Now you can. While he may be no Chopin, Shimon, developed at Georgia Tech, is a robot that is able to compose and play his own musical creations through deep neural networks.

Shimon’s goal isn’t to rid the world of human musicians either, but to produce music together in harmony. Spoifty also just announced the creation of the first ever mainstream music album created solely using AI, is this the music of the future?

As the world develops quicker than ever before there are jobs that are at risk, jobs that will be needed in the future and jobs and daily functions that will be enhanced by our robot friends.

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