It’s a new year, and whether you’re actively looking for a job or happy in your current role, it’s a great time of year to update and refresh a CV. Over the years we’ve picked up some expert CV advice from recruiters.

Everything from how to get noticed to how exactly CVs are found and what not to include on a CV. To help you update your CV for 2018 we’ve gathered our 8 most popular CV blogs in one place – perfect for brushing up your CV for the New Year.

1. CV Grader

Not sure if your CV needs an update? Our CV Grader will tell you what you need to do to make your CV better as well as what jobs are most suitable for you.

2. Control F CV

Why CV keywords are vital and how to find out what keywords should be on your own CV.

3. 5 Minutes’ Work on Your CV Will Make You More Employable

Don’t know where to start with your CV updates? This blog will help you figure out your top professional achievements in your current and past positions.

4. How to Highlight Skills on Your CV

Once you realise your skills and strengths this blog will help you highlight them on your CV.

5. Answer these 3 questions to get the most from your CV

How CVs are found by recruiters and hiring managers, how to make your CV stand out and how to get yourself remembered.

6. 7 mistakes you need to stop making on your CV

Now that you know what you should be doing, these are the 7 things you absolutely shouldn’t do on a CV.

7. 20 years of experience on CV

Writing a CV is hard, but writing a CV after an extensive career is even harder. This blog explains how to layout a lot of experience without using pages upon pages.

8. Career Change CV advice

How to revamp your CV if you’re thinking of switching sectors or changing career.

Whether you’re looking for a job or just eager to keep your CV updated, a well thought out CV and matching LinkedIn profile can bring your job opportunities – even when you’re not looking.

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