Have you ever walked into something very nervous about what was to come? That’s how I felt my first day of third year in college studying HR. I knew I was going to have to source a 15-week work placement and the thought scared me. What if I didn’t find a company I wanted to work for? What if no company wanted me?

To my surprise, I received a lot of interview invitations, Cpl being one of them. I interviewed and shortly after received an offer. My Human Resources placement was within the HR department with an incredible team who I am so glad I got to work with.

My advice to those beginning in HR

I worked with the Learning and Development function for much of my time with Cpl. It was a position that allowed me to show creativity, offer process improvements and mingle with new starters as they attended training. It was an area I hadn’t previously considered as I was more interested in the route of Employment Law.

So, for those starting off their HR career, don’t push the Training route off your career path completely. My focus when I thought about HR prior to my placement was Talent Acquisition, Employment Law and Employee Relations. While these are all major areas, if you’re more creative, Training could be right for you. From my experience, my advice is to check out all your options in the expanding field of HR.

The benefits of undertaking a HR training job

The women in the Cpl HR department increased my confidence in myself and my working abilities and helped me notice my skills. There’d be some work to review and I’d hear ‘Give that to Cliona, she’s got a great eye’. I had never considered myself meticulous before this placement but now I consider it one of my strengths.

Cpl has an extremely welcoming environment where no two days are ever the same. One day I found myself putting together hundreds of bags of chocolate hearts for a Valentine’s Day surprise, another day I would be eating complimentary ice cream from an ice cream van parked outside, and then another day, I found myself literally running around all day doing my work!

My experience at Cpl

Cpl have proven to be a company that prioritise staff development and I felt that strongly – even as an intern. Cpl took me on with no experience to become a core member of their team, sometimes I’d forget I’m not a permanent employee!

I don’t believe many companies as big as Cpl would take on a student with no office experience and give them as much responsibility and autonomy as I have been given. You can’t win work placement, but if you could, I definitely would.

One of my greatest moments as a HR intern was being asked to work on a Client site. There was a small HR team out there that needed some extra support. To know that my team felt I was capable enough to relocate made me feel fantastic. I had greater responsibility working in my new location and the team were as great to work with as the first. My duties would range from the usual administration to high volume onboarding, performing induction day and employee correspondence.

Human Resources is a great field of study if you’re a genuine people person with an interest in aligning the organisational requirements and the needs of your employees. Cpl have an extremely effective approach to HR and I am thrilled I didn’t do my placement elsewhere. Now, time to get back to college and get that Bachelor’s degree.

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