Sarah Rashid, originally from France, first moved to Ireland five years ago and began working as a Customer Service agent for Paypal. Sarah learnt about the role of Ad Specilist and worked her way up across different technology companies to become an Ad Specialist at Twitter. Sarah shares her story and advises on how you too can join the tech sector as an Ad Specialist.

Can you tell me about your background? When did you first get interested in being an Ad Specialist?

I’ve been living in Ireland for 5 years now. I’ve worked as a Customer Service agent, Fraud Analyst and now Ad Specialist. I started learning about the role of Ad specialist in 2015, when I worked for Google.

What did you study in university? Would you recommend this course for someone who wants to be an Ad Specialist, and why?

My studies are not related at all to this position.

Tell me about some of your jobs/experiences after college.

I had the opportunities to work for great companies in various roles: I was working in the Customer Service department in PayPal and got promoted to the role of Fraud Analyst, which taught me a lot. After that, I started my role as Ad Specialist for Google and finally arrived in Twitter.

How did you land your current job?

I saw the position being advertised and as an avid user of Twitter, I applied as fast as I could! My interviews went very well and I got hired last November.

What made you choose to be an Ad Specialist?

It’s a brilliant area that keeps growing. You get to know legal policies in different countries to make sure the proper content gets advertised.

What skills do you need to excel as an Ad Specialist in your opinion?

You need to be always eager to learn, as there are regular updates. You need to make decisions by thinking about both the company’s brand and users.

What’s next for you?

At the moment I’m mostly working for the RiskOps department, supporting my colleagues to make the best decisions.

Looking back on your career so far, what tips would you give to someone thinking of becoming an Ad Specialist?

Be focused, show your determination, keep learning and use the product. If you are familiar with the tool, you will be able to learn much easier.

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