When I first applied to work at Cpl I was a little apprehensive. I was planning on moving over to Dublin from England and wasn’t sure of the Irish market or whether this move was a good idea. I spoke to Jennifer Roche who made me feel at ease with what the next steps would be. That Monday I met Jen for a chat.
The following day I was called in to meet with my now manager, Natasha Bevan, and some of the other managers in Cpl Finance. It sounded like a tough job but I wanted a new challenge and believed that – coming from a retail background – I had the relevant skills to succeed.
It honestly felt like ‘speed dating’ meeting with all the different personalities and getting a real flavour of recruitment and the characters that formed Cpl Finance. After that I met with Natasha again, she was utterly charming and very sensitive to the fact that I would be moving to a new country.
I then met with my now colleagues, Louise Greene and Shane Lauritsch, who gave me their own take on recruitment. I was particularly glad to hear that Shane had also come from a retail background and had said that it was a great move for him.

My first few weeks as a recruiter

Moving to a new country was always going to be tough and starting a new career on top of that was extra challenging. But luckily, I got lots of support.
On my first day I had training with Arlene French. I remember saying ‘Hi I’m Helena, I started yesterday and moved to Dublin two days ago…’ I think everyone thought I was mad! Afterwards, Arlene offered guidance with anything I needed in work and also offered her support if I needed anything outside of work as I was so new to the city.
The training continued like this, every trainer was so welcoming and seemed to genuinely care. After my first week, the overarching message I was getting from Cpl was, ‘yes recruitment is tough but it’s made so much easier by the fact that everyone is willing to help out in any way they can.’
At the end of my second week I was rewarded with a bottle of wine for having the ‘Best Social Job Ad.’ I was absolutely delighted by the gesture. Extending on from this, I experienced my first month end presentation, again it was lovely to see how everyone’s work was being commended.
My favourite moment of my first 6 weeks at Cpl was when I got an offer through for my first placement. It gave me a complete understanding for why everyone loves this job, it is the best feeling to know that your time and effort has amounted to something! There is no feeling like it.
I have loved being able to build a relationship with both my client and candidate – I find this particularly prominent in temp recruitment, as you really go through the entire process with them and beyond. And as the cherry on top of this placement, I received a delightful message from my candidate about her experience with me; it has given me confidence and determination to treat every candidate in the same way to get results.
I have truly caught the recruitment bug and hopefully there will be lots of placements to come.

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