You come to work each day, you do your job, you help out your colleagues and do your best make an impact. You head home and repeat again the next day.
For most workers this is the pattern of their job, for some they love it but for others they feel underchallenged and overqualified. In fact, over 60% of Irish workers we recently surveyed stated that they feel overqualified for their current job.

Feeling overqualified might seem like a perk, doesn’t it simply mean you’re talented and a skilled worker? But being overqualified doesn’t mean your job becomes easy, it can also mean boredom. If you feel bored and overqualified try these tips before starting the search for a new job.

Speak up

If you feel overqualified then you need to ask for more responsibility. Your manager might think you’re perfectly happy so it’s important to make your thoughts clear.You might feel no one cares but if you don’t ask you’ll never know.

Jot down your skills and what areas you’d like to develop more. Explain that you feel unchallenged and want to contribute more – no manager will be disappointed to hear something like this.

Enrol in a course

If you feel overqualified, but don’t have the right skills to take on the needed extra duties of the business why not ask if you could upskill. Do some research and find courses that you can do online.

This way you can continue your job, while learning something new and fulfilling. You’ll also be adding something new to the business you’re working in. A win, win.

Make an impression

If you’re overqualified it’s unlikely that you’ll stay in your job long-term. So, while you’re there ensure you network internally and externally and leave a good impression. Not only will this earn you a good reference, but it will help you meet new people, learn new things and open potential opportunities you might not know ever existed otherwise.

Enjoy yourself outside of work

In one of my previous jobs I was quite often bored. The work was easy and I didn’t feel challenged. To keep my mind busy while considering a new job I planned lots of activities outside of work, which gave me something to look forward to. I also planned lots of travel for my annual leave days, which again gave me something to look forward to and work towards.

Choose something you enjoy, whether that’s going to the cinema, meeting friends for food or taking a class. Keeping active improves brain health and sets you up mentally to stay positive, while doing things you love outside of your job will raise your spirits.

Look for a new job

If you’re overqualified, have tried the above and still aren’t happy then it’s time to look for a new job. Work on your CV, update your online presence and start applying for jobs your qualifications are a better match for. If your qualifications aren’t a perfect match for your dream job then begin working on upskilling – whether that be via volunteering, interning or a course as mentioned above. Overall planning is key.

Being overqualified in can lead to boredom and resentment, if you are one of the 60% of Irish workers who feel overqualified then we can help you look for a new job opportunity.

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