The vast majority of people love to travel, so it was no surprise that, according to our Employment Monitoralmost 4 out of 5 people stated they would like to travel with their job. What is surprising is the range of industries that offer this tempting opportunity. If you want to travel with work, but don’t want to to move abroad full time, there’s lots of jobs where if you have the right skills you’ll be in demand – not just here in Ireland but across the world.

Tech jobs

Within the IT and Tech sector, where the language that matters most is coding, there is ample opportunity to work remotely from abroad and to travel with work. Popular roles that boast the opportunity to travel include systems engineer, computer consulting, technical support roles, program manager.

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Pharma jobs

The need for specialist pharmaceutical and science skills is in demand, so much so that if you have the right skills and experience you could be flown abroad to work for periods of time.

Roles that include potential travel abroad include Pharmaceutical Sales, Diagnostic Technologist, Manufacturing Process Technician other specialist chemistry and pharmaceutical disciplines. If you want a pharma job that offers travel opportunities, find a job within a larger firm that has offices or branches worldwide, such as Pfizer, Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Abbott.

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Media & Digital jobs

If you are a talented broadcaster, journalist, director, presenter or designer you’ll likely be offered the opportunity to travel to cover international events or to share your skills with international businesses – whether as a broadcaster, journalist, director, presenter or designer. Digital jobs that offer travel include: UX/UI design, graphic design, roles within advertising such as creative director or producer, marketing jobs and content roles.

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Supply Chain jobs

As the name suggests the Supply Chain industry is all about movement, so it’s no surprise that Supply Chain professionals often travel with work. Like most industries travel is particularly common  if you hold a more experienced position such as supply chain manager or if you work in global logistics. Effective communication skills, the ability to work independently and merge with other cultures is vital to success in these roles.

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Retail Buyer jobs

Like Supply Chain jobs, if you work as a Retail Buyer you will probably need to travel. Buyers are responsible for selecting new products so it’s imperative they travel to attend trade shows, meet wholesalers and visit other stores – at home and abroad. Although buying is typically associated with fashion and cities such as Paris and New York, according to The Balance, the grocery, electronics and building materials industries employ the most retail buyers.

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Once you reach a level of experience or specialise in a certain area you’ll be more likely to be offered travel with work – especially if you’re working for a larger firm.  So, if you’re one of the 4 out of 5 employees who’d like to travel with their job focus on specialising in your field and finding a job within an international company.

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