It’s well documented that taking breaks is important at work, but what if you work in an industry where regular breaks just aren’t feasible?

Digital startups are a unique, exciting and at times exhausting industry to be involved in. Startup owners have a lot at stake. They’re invested financially and emotionally in the business. It’s both their passion, and the way to pay the bills. With all these extra worries, the pressure for employers and employees can be intense, unless it’s managed right.

In the first few years of a startup working long hours is natural and taking long holidays or regular breaks just isn’t the reality. With that said, if you don’t pay attention to creating an enjoyable working culture and ask for support you’ll end up as another startup failure statistic. Being around like-minded people and accepting advice and support is key to achieving startup success and avoiding burnout.

Hire people who love your idea as much as you do

Create the basis for a successful startup, and avoid any burnout, by hiring employees who are as passionate about the idea as you are. If employees love the business they’ll love their work, work harder and enjoy coming into the office. They’ll also understand the potential of the business and understand that startup salaries are often lower than the norm.

Surround yourself with likeminded people

Encourage innovation by surrounding yourself with likeminded people. Take for example Dublin’s Digital Hub which is home to numerous startups including the innovative Skylads – an AI company that simplifies programmatic advertising campaigns. Communal working spaces like this offer support and create a lively working atmosphere, well suited to startup owners and employees.

Be open to change

Your startup idea might be great, but it could be even better with a little guidance and advice. I’ve worked with Skylads to introduce them to connections and build their workforce with people who are as passionate as they are. It’s important that you’re open to change and accept help from the outside if you want to become the next big startup success story.

At Cpl we’re used to working with startups and helping to make things that bit easier.

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