Flexibility is becoming an imperative for a large proportion of today’s workforce. From parents to those simply looking for a better work life balance, people are demanding the freedom to work on their own terms. Fortunately, as the job market becomes increasingly employee driven, benefits such as flexibility are becoming more widely available.


In fact, according to a recent Employment Monitor, over 35% of people are now working flexible hours in Ireland. The future of work is changing how we approach our careers with the traditional 9-5 becoming redundant.

The following are just some of the jobs leading the way in terms of flexibility.

1. Front End Developer

Developers who work on creating new web based products and services along with coding languages such as JavaScript are hugely in demand, particularly on a contract basis. This role not only guarantees favourable pay but also offers great flexibility. Working on contract allows you to choose your own projects and as you only need your laptop, you can work wherever suits you.

2. Financial Analyst

Financial Analysts, who provide performance analysis and financial data for businesses to improve efficiency are often offered a notable degree of flexibility. This role will involve meeting with different clients so also includes remote working options.

3. PR Specialist

PR professionals promote and monitor the public image of an individual or a company. They often work on a contract basis, allowing them the flexibility to work on their own schedule by choosing how many clients they take on.

4. Customer Service Agent/Representative

Customer service is becoming increasingly important to a business’ bottom line, creating more demand for customer service agents.  This role is ideal for those with excellent communication skills, with a second language being an even greater asset. Customer service jobs tend to offer shift work, giving you the flexibility to decide your own hours.

5. Agency Nurse

Working as an agency nurse gives you flexibility to choose where and when you work. Whether you want to work night shifts or weekends, Agency Nursing gives you the freedom to work a schedule that suits your lifestyle and adjust this as needed.

6. Account Executive/Manager

Account Executives & Managers are responsible for establishing and growing client relationships and  managing existing accounts across a range of industries. This role will often involve travelling for work to meet with clients, opening the door for remote working and flexibility. 

7. Content Writer

In the future of work, creatives will become more and more imperative, with content creators falling under this category. Whether you write freelance for a newspaper or research papers for a company, once you have a laptop and WIFI, content writers can work from wherever, whenever.

8. Data Scientist

Data Scientists are responsible for collating, processing and analysing data in order to build meaningful models and provide advice for businesses across a range of industries. As the nature of the role is quite autonomous, data scientists can enjoy a lot of flexibility in their role.

While flexible working is very desirable, depending on your employer, it is likely you will have to prove yourself in an office environment before earning the benefit of flexible arrangements. This gives you the opportunity to show you can work independently and also allows you to the develop relationships which are a crucial aspect to any role.

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