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being productive

Mindset vs. ability: career lessons from an endurance athlete

My first memory of my cousin Shane is him catching his finger in the doorway of a photography studio on my communion day. He was 1 and I was 7. Absolu... READ MORE >
career development

Can a temp job become permanent?

Temporary jobs are a try before you buy solution. Choosing a new job opportunity is a big step. Choosing a temp opportunity can ease the pressure by o... READ MORE >
career stories

Q&A: What’s it like working as a Mechanical Engineer?

What kind of work do mechanical engineers do? What’s the salary of a mechanical engineer like? How do you know if it’s the right career for you? One o... READ MORE >
cv writing

How to write a Graduate CV

Class of 2018 and considering what to do next? The good news it’s a great time to be starting a career. With unemployment levels at the low... READ MORE >
employment trends

Most in demand jobs in Ireland 2019

What careers are in high demand in Ireland? In the current candidate short market there is an increased demand for skilled talent across a number of i... READ MORE >
finding a job

How to know you’re working with a genuine recruiter

Selling. For me, selling used to be a word I didn’t like. I always associated it with somebody trying to get something from me and convince me o... READ MORE >
interview skills

Interview Preparation: Competency Based Interview Questions

It’s difficult to predict what questions an interviewer will ask, but some standard job interview questions come up again and again. A competency-base... READ MORE >
starting a new job

Handing your notice in and managing a counter offer

Congratulations. You have been offered a new job. All that searching, attending interviews and success – an offer from a company you want to work for.... READ MORE >
wellbeing at work

Happiness at work: 4 things a salary can’t buy

What would you like to be when you grow up? When I was little a vet was one of my go-to responses. I loved animals and thought working with them every... READ MORE >
workplace challenges

PA burnout – when the perks don’t work

Just after the Christmas break I returned to work and had scheduled meetings with 2 high performing PAs. The meetings started off as normal. Small tal... READ MORE >