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being productive

5 Tips to balance work and study

Recruiting in the p/q accounting space, I come across a lot of candidates who are debating going back to do their accounting qualification, mainly ACC... READ MORE >
career development

Advice for first-time managers

Becoming a manager is a rewarding career move but it can be daunting. As a manager, you are accountable for the success and wellbeing of a team, not j... READ MORE >
career stories

Flexible working: the good and the bad

A recent article in The Guardian links flexible working with loneliness and increased stress and anxiety. Could such an appealing work benefit really... READ MORE >
cv writing

How to write a good Graduate CV

If you are a new graduate the good news it’s a great time to be starting a career. With unemployment levels at the lowest they’ve been in over a decad... READ MORE >
employment trends

Ireland’s booming Funds sector – salary & job trends

The Irish Funds sector has experienced another fruitful 12 months with more job opportunities being created in Dublin and across Ireland resulting in... READ MORE >
finding a job

Grad careers: moving from temp work to be a recruiter

After graduating with a degree in International Business and Spanish and working in the States, I returned to Ireland with a vague idea of the type of... READ MORE >
interview skills

How to prepare for a video job interview?

Video job interviews are getting more and more common. Like a phone interview or face to face interview, it requires preparation. If you haven’t done... READ MORE >
starting a new job

Handing your notice in and managing a counter offer

Congratulations. You have been offered a new job. All that searching, attending interviews and success – an offer from a company you want to work for.... READ MORE >
wellbeing at work

Happiness at work: 4 things a salary can’t buy

What would you like to be when you grow up? When I was little a vet was one of my go-to responses. I loved animals and thought working with them every... READ MORE >
workplace challenges

PA burnout – when the perks don’t work

Just after the Christmas break I returned to work and had scheduled meetings with 2 high performing PAs. The meetings started off as normal. Small tal... READ MORE >