10 steps to new job

Do you think of a new job? Want to change your current job, but don’t know what to do? Follow our 10 steps and change your professional career.

Think about what you would like to find – maybe you are a specialist with many years of experience looking for a Team Leader position, or maybe you are a graduate who is looking for your first job? A good plan is essential not to renew your search in six months

Consider where you can find job offers that interest you – we can often find dedicated job offers for representatives of various industries. Or maybe you know a recruiter who works in a recruitment agency and has access to a wide pool of advertisements?

Update your CV – Prepare your CV in two languages ​​- Polish and English. Update the template to a transparent one that will be readable by the recruiter. Add a description of the positions you have held so far and update your skills. Verify your knowledge of foreign languages ​​and evaluate them on the A1-C2 scale

Prepare your profile on social media – a completed profile on LinkedIn or Goldenline will allow recruiters to find you. Being active on these portals will also allow you to be up to date with new offers or changes on the labor market

Try to use the power of networking – maybe you know someone who works in your dream company or in a similar position? Some companies have offers open to employees, maybe this is your chance


Apply! – If you see an offer that interests you, do not hesitate. Even if you don’t meet all the requirements, you may still be the best candidate. When searching, it is better to have one conversation too much than too little

Consider different scenarios, prepare for potential conversations – Think about your strengths, what achievements you already have on your account. Get ready for a story about your career so far and plans for the future

 Try to do well in each of the interviews – even if you already know during the interview that this position does not meet your expectations, try to make the best impression. Maybe in a month or two a recruitment for your dream position will appear in this company, and then the recruiter will already have positive opinions about your candidacy

Keep an eye on the deadlines in the process – and not only those on the recruiter’s side. Sometimes being late for an appointment, sending a portfolio too late or sending a language test late may invalidate your candidacy. Take care of the process so that you cannot fault yourself

Before signing the contract, give yourself a few days to think – do not make hasty decisions: There is! I managed to find a job! Hurray! Positive response from the recruitment process! Consider, however, whether the goal from the first step we mentioned has been achieved. Is this the job you fought for? Are the financial conditions suitable for you? Think carefully about your decision so that you do not regret the steps you take.


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